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Stories for social change must always push the conversation forward. See below some of my activism work and theater for social change.

The Black Boy Who Thought He Had It All

Written, Directed, and Created by Jalen Martin.

Examines/amplifies race relations and tensions within a predominantly white institution.

This project taught me how to use my allyship in the best way I can as a straight, white male in America. It's a very moving piece- I highly recommend giving it a watch! 


See this deep and poignant interview about the show on Black Tea with Tierra Williams!

Produced by Dark Mind Productions.

Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 11.49.57

Click HERE to watch

Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 11.57.51

Click HERE to watch

Gram Makes Me Crazy

Created by Kyle Blumenthal.

How Instagram makes me feel.

Social media is toxic. I made this to remind people that they're not alone. Mental health matters; prioritize self-care over Instagram clout.


I beg you.

#HERETOO Devised Project

Directed by a member of Tectonic Theatre Project, Barbara Pitts McAdams and Jimmy Maize.

Created by Penn State Students.

"#HereToo amplifies young activists’ voices through performance. With a two-pronged approach, we: 1 - gather stories from activists and survivors of gun violence; 2 - archive and share these stories with theatre makers who, in turn, make devised performances about gun culture as it impacts their own communities. Sometimes these end in performances, such as ones we've produced at Penn State and at Western Washington University." 

-JEANMARIE HIGGENS, Associate Professor of Theatre at Penn State


That's me!

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